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Who We Are

Trainers Who Care

Our trainers take your goals seriously. We all were competitive athletes and understand what it takes to reach goals. We specialize in Sports Performance, but we work with Gerneral Population "athletes" as well. We assess your goals, fitness level and physical limitations to create your individualized fitness plan.

Knowledgeable Training Expertise

Since 1990, we have trained the area's best athletes. Our Strength & Conditioning Coaches have the industry best certifications and training; USA Weightlifting Sports Performance coach, Certified Strength & Conditioning Coaches, Health Science degrees, etc. Our record of producing ALL-American and ALL-State athletes speaks for itself. Head Coach Kevin Cleary provides training designed to bring your athlete to the next level! In conjunction with Strength and Conditioning, we concurrently train speed and agility.


Your Success is Our Goal

You reach your goals, we reach our goals. We measure our success by your success. Whether it is being the best athlete that you can possibly be, losing those last 5lbs, or being the most fit "weekend warrior". You will be better in all areas; speed, agility, strength, power and balance.



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